Welcome to a new year!

Happy New Year from the Springdale Swim Club!

We hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season over the past few weeks and trust that you are just as excited for all the possibility a new year (and new decade) can bring!  Our volunteer Pool Board was voted upon in November and all have accepted positions to take on the task of running the ins and outs of the club.   I’ve listed this wonderful group at the end of this letter.  We would truly like to thank all of those who have retired from the pool board for their many, many years of dedication over the years and look forward to seeing you all relaxing on a chair in the future seasons!

Another very exciting announcement is that we are thrilled to welcome Cari Hummel back to Springdale Swim Club as our Pool Manager.  After a short hiatus, Cari is looking forward to rejoining the staff in this position and we are excited for this opportunity.  She has also been hard at work already in 2019 and the early part of 2020 and has hired an assistant manager as well.  Laura Campbell, Springdale resident and swim club member for over 10 years, has happily accepted this position.  With this addition, we hope to improve the overall experience for our members. 

Over the off-season we have been hard at work creating a list of repairs that need to be completed and working on a list of proposed improvements to make a big impact on giving the club a facelift.  We are currently in talks to have the restroom floors resurfaced through a contracted company, and we will be asking for the help of our members to help with freshening up some paint to complete the much needed facelift.  We are also looking at ways to run the snack bar more efficiently and allow for a few events featuring live music, a big success last season. 

Please make sure to follow us on Facebook for updated posts on events and schedule changes due to inclement weather as the season approaches. 

There are a few housekeeping items to address in this letter that are necessary to allow us to keep the pool in good working order financially:


  1. You will be receiving an electronic invoice towards the end of February/early March from us.  Please keep an eye on your inbox!


  1. Please remember that ALL bondholders are responsible for membership dues at the start of each season.  You will not be able to use the facility once we are open until your membership dues are paid in full.  Failure to pay dues by the deadline will result in your bond being forfeited. 


  1. Beginning March 1, 2020 a $150 fee will be assessed to remove your bond from the seller’s list in order to reinstate it as your bond.  This will prevent financial losses for the pool that are suffered when members place their bond on the seller’s list and then remove it after a period of time to begin using the pool again.  Members are still welcome to sell their bonds through private sale without any fee.


Thank you again for your continued support of the swim club!  The success of our little slice of paradise each summer is not possible without the support and motivation of our members!

See you at the pool!

Julie Sanz

Springdale Swim Club President

2020-2022 Officers

President: Julie Sanz (juliesanz18@gmail.com)

Vice President: Kevin Wright (kwright@ccgres.com)

Secretary: Dave Hausladen (dmahausladen@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Jessica Finke (jessfinke@yahoo.com)



Kate Bowers

Jeremy Boyer

Steve Cromwell 

Tricia Pieper

Michele Siri

Bruce Voelker  

Pool Manager: Cari Hummel

Assistant Manager: Laura Campbell


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