Summer is Here! 

June 9, 2020

Dear Springdale Pool Members,


      We are thrilled to be able to open the pool and look forward to seeing many of you in person for the first time in months.  Once preparations are closer to finalization, we will announce our opening day to be at some point during the week of June, 22nd.  While we know this summer is not going to be business as normal, we hope to have the best pool season we can, given the current circumstances.


     As the Board of the pool, it is our job to keep guests and staff safe, but this Summer it is going to take all of us working together to keep our entire community healthy. We know that there are different opinions about how to handle the guidelines and restrictions put forth by state and local officials. Please know that we have the Health Department rules that we must abide by, or we will not be permitted to stay open. 


     Please remember there are no playbooks for operating a pool during a pandemic. We want members to feel safe while at the pool. This is a public space, and so what you may do in your own home may not be applicable at Springdale Club. The pool board reserves the right to ask anyone who refuses to comply with these guidelines, or any reasonable requests of the pool staff, to leave the premises.  


Please be patient with the Board, management and staff as we navigate through this very different summer.


Together, we will all make it the best summer we possibly can. Thank you!  

2020-2022 Officers

President: Julie Sanz (juliesanz18@gmail.com)

Vice President: Kevin Wright (kwright@ccgres.com)

Secretary: Dave Hausladen (dmahausladen@gmail.com)

Treasurer: Jessica Finke (jessfinke@yahoo.com)



Kate Bowers

Jeremy Boyer

Steve Cromwell 

Tricia Pieper

Michele Siri

Bruce Voelker  

Pool Manager: Cari Hummel

Assistant Manager: Laura Campbell


810 Bosley Road

Open Annually

Memorial Day through Labor Day

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