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Pool Rules

The following rules and safety regulations are for the protection and convenience of all members of the club. Please do your part to make sure that you, your family and guests follow these rules at all times.


  1. The use of the Pool facility and equipment is at your own risk.

  2. All persons must obey the instructions of the Pool Management and Staff at all times.

  3. Conduct which endangers the safety or comfort of others is prohibited.

  4. Members are responsible for their actions as well as the actions of their children & guests.

  5. The club is not responsible for personal valuables.

  6. Children 8 years old or younger must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person. (Pool Management will determine if the guidance provided is adequate)

  7. The Baby Pool is for non-swimmers only. All children must be accompanied by an adult or responsible person. (Lifeguards do not monitor the Baby Pool area)

  8. Children who are not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper covered with plastic pants when in the pool.

  9. Pool management and Staff reserve the right to require a swim test as needed.

  10. Food & beverages are not to be consumed in the pool or in immediate proximity to the pool.

  11. Alcoholic beverages are permitted if consumed in a discreet and responsible manner. 

  12. Glassware of any type is forbidden within the club.

  13. Smoking is permitted in specified areas only.

  14. The use of the diving boards is at your own risk. All diving/jumping from the boards must be straight off the ends and not sides. Pool Staff may, at their discretion, close the diving area (weight limit of boards is 250#)

  15. No rafts, tubes or other floatation devices are allowed in the Main Pool, except on specifically designated occasions. (This includes personal floatation or assistance devices)

  16. Residents of Springdale, Warren Purchase, Dulaney Gate, Silver Lake, Valley Crossing, Overlook and Saddlebrook who are not members of Springdale Club, Inc. may not be guests at any time.

At all times the discretion of the pool staff on duty must be respected!!!


Click here to download the bylaws.

Click here to download the Club Rules.

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