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Springdale Swim Club Ambassadors

The following members are Ambassadors of Springdale Swim Club.  These people are our friends an neighbors who are knowledgable about the structure of our membership.  In addition to the members of the Pool Board, please feel free to reach out to an Ambassador with any questions or concerns you may have.

2017 Ambassadors

Jessie and Dan Andreson

Jessie – (978) 394-2607

Dan – (978) 505-7638


Laura Beutler


Laura and Dave Campbell


Clare and Scott Cayce


Jenn and Steve Culp


Carey and Justin Cooper


Melissa and Ken Edwards



Kristy and Dennis Elliott


Leigh and Sam Erdman


Keyne and Chris Giesler


Carol and Joe Harsel


Ryan Henigan



Cammie and Jed Jecelin


Kelly and Jeremy Lippenholz


Paula Miller


Megan and Aaron Palmer



Elaine Sonntag


Jessica and Michael Strande


Karen and Dave Toohey



Jen and Brian Whitlock

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